Apr 30, 2019 · Federal Ammunition is expanding its line of hunting loads, and one of the latest additions is the new Federal Berger Hybrid Hunter ammo. Berger is best known for its long-range bullets, and the new Hybrid Hunter combines a low-drag, high-ballistic-coefficient, secant-forward ogive with the tangent ogive of traditional hunting bullets.
As the post title really. Please can I have your views or personal experience would be great on 6mm/.243 Sierra HPBT Gameking 1530 bullet. Sierra lists it as suitable for Deer or CXP2 class animals. I was looking to use a dual purpose both for fox and Fallow. But not as my main deer load.Whatever your quarry, HSM has a GameKing cartridge to suit your needs. Sierra GameKing Bullets are designed for hunting at long range, where their extra margin of performance can make the critical difference. GameKing bullets feature a boat tail design to bring hunters the ballistic advantage normally found with match target bullets.

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$49 Free Shipping on Federal Premium Vital-Shok 243 Win 100Gr Sierra GameKing BTSP by the Brass. Shop Federal ammo in [{category}] and get special sale prices everyday. You spend all year dreaming of the moment of truth why trusFederal Ammo 243 Winchester 85 Grain Barnes Triple-Shock-X Bullet (TSX) 20 Rounds [P243K] View Options. ... Federal Ammo Vital-Shok 243 Win Sierra GameKing BTSP 100 Grain [P243C] View Options. ... HSM Ammo Game King 243 Win 85 Grain HPBT [2439N] View Options.Federal. Federal P243C Premium 243 Win 100 gr Sierra GameKing Boat-Tail Soft Point (BTSP) 20 Bx/ 10 Cs. Item : 65537. SKU : P243C. Model : Premium. UPC : 029465084295Federal Vital-Shok Medium Game P243C for sale from Mamba Tactical.

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Federal Premium VITAL-SHOK .243 Winchester 100 grain Sierra GameKing Boat Tail Soft Point Brass Cased Centerfire Rifle Ammo, 20 Rounds, P243C Buy Now SKU: 1197086504 Categories: .243 Winchester Ammo , Rifle Ammo Tag: Federal PremiumFederal Premium VITAL-SHOK .30-06 Springfield 150 grain Sierra GameKing Boat Tail Soft Point Centerfire Rifle Ammunition Add to Cart SKU: 350c9cb1478e Categories: Best .30-06 Springfield Ammo , Rifle Ammo Tag: Federal PremiumLoc: Missouri. It is a great bullet. The Sierra .243 caliber 85 gr. BTHP is very accurate and is a useful dual purpose bullet. Any velocity from 2,800 fps up to 3,200 fps and this bullet will work quite well for your purposes. I usually run it around 3,100 fps or a tad more from 22" barrel .243 Winchester rifles.

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Manufacturer: Federal . Caliber: .243 Win . Grains: 100. Bullet Type: Sierra Gameking (Boat Tail Soft Point) Description: 100 rounds of Federal Premium .243 Win 100gr Sierra Gameking BTSP ammo. It is 5 boxes of 20. They are reloadable cases. With its recently introduced GameChanger—aka Tipped GameKing—Sierra has entered the modern age of hunting bullets. The new GameChanger should provide the excellent accuracy the GameKing is known for coupled with the durability and flight-enhancing characteristics of a robust but refined synthetic tip.Federal P243C Premium 243 Win 100 gr Sierra GameKing Boat-Tail Soft Point (BTSP) • RETAIL: $32.20• OUR PRICE: $24.50 Brand Federal Category Centerfire Rifle Rounds Caliber 243 Win Model Premium Bullet Weight 100 GR Rounds Per Box 20 Casing Material Nickel-Plated Application Medium Game Boxes Per Case 10 Bullet Type Sierra GameKing Boat-Tail Soft Point (BTSP) Muzzle Energy 1945 ft lbs ...Sierra GameKing bullets are designed for a combination of penetration and expansion in medium and heavy game animals for their calibers. Sierra GameChanger 7mm Remington Magnum 150 grain Sierra Tipped GameKing Brass 500 rounds quantity Federal Ammunition Federal Premium Vital-Shok 30-06 Springfield Ammo 165 Grain Sierra GameKing Boat-Tail Soft Point $19.99 Federal Ammunition CCI Blazer Brass 38 Special Ammo 125 Grain Full Metal Jacket 250 Rounds

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Nov 06, 2016 · Add to the Sierra Match King projectile, a nickel plated reloadable brass case and the reliability of the Federal Premium manufacturing ecosystem and you suddenly have one of the more reliable, more accurate rounds on the planet, without factoring in the inherent capabilities of the .243 round or your own skills as a hunter.

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Sierra GameChanger .270 Winchester 140 grain Sierra Tipped GameKing Brass Cased Centerfire Rifle Ammunition A4440–03 Caliber: .270 Winchester, Number of Rounds: 20, $ 34.99 Sig Sauer 300 Blackout 125 gr FMJ Elite Performance 20/Box Federal .243 Power Shok Copper 85gr HP 20pk LFA. Federal £35.00 Express ... from Nosler Ballistic Tip to Sierra GameKing, MatchKing, and Varminter. Take V-Shok along ...

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Premium 243 Win Ammo For Sale 100 gr SPBT Federal Premium Sierra GameKing Vital-Shok ammo online and In Stock - 20 Rounds .
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